Accolades ?

Accolades: An award or privilege granted as a special honor or as an acknowledgment of merit.

Naughty, naughty: an anonymous blogger causing all kinds of trouble in Philly.


 Some seriously low-blow mockery


Nasty Nasty Nasty ( video )


The blogger has no limits, everyone is fair game

–The Daily News

Staph Meal is all kinds of shady


The Staph Meal Saga

–Philly Mag

 Joshua Albert has definitely caught our attention

–Around Philly

Here’s more with the once-anonymous writer who’s been striking fear in the hearts of abusive industry bosses everywhere.

–The Metro

Meet Staph Meal


Hyperspace Clusterfuck


Joshua Albert tells Eater he just getting started


All Chefs Beware…Joshua Scott Albert is watching


Trouble making blogger takes on the thunderdome burger


Staph Meal accuses Mayor of cheating

–The Philly Post

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